Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Sentimental...

I don't believe I ever said “thank you” to all the Badgers who made such a difference to me. I'm feeling sentimental and emotional right now, and I thought I'd attempt to write some “thank-yous.”

Here are a few things I remember from Badger Creek:

Pam, I still have the sweet note you gave me the week my dog died. That meant so much to me at the time. So many people say things like, “It's just a dog!” But he was more than that to my family and I. Thank you for that bit of comfort during a hard time.

Ben, I remember the day I lost my family's other dog at Badger Creek. While I wanted to go look (and do a ropes course...) you grilled all of those steaks...quite a task. I really don't like grilling steaks, and I'm certain I would have burned them all with my mind elsewhere. So, thank you, thank you for making sure I didn't make carcinogenic steaks for the people of Badger Creek.

Megan, thank you for yodeling for my family. They still remember that, and talk about the beautiful, blonde yodeler. You really made their day, and, in so doing, made mine. I also thank you for taking it well when I hid in the fridge and scared you.

Sarah-Willi, thank you for going canoeing with a bunch of little kids. They needed it, and they remember “Sarah-Willi! The bestest canoe driver at Badger Creek!” I am also thankful that you took my immature comments about “opportunities” and “thanking my leaders” well during the testimony meeting. I am glad that you are good at covering a laugh with a pretend cough.

Ashley, I am somewhat of a slave-driver. I am glad you took it so well when I wanted to deep-clean the kitchen during that last week, especially since I remember you not feeling well. I also thank you for the times that you called me to go on trail rides on Saturdays. That was very helpful to me, and I really appreciated it.

Christian, what can I say? Even when I felt like a pile of mud, you made me laugh, especially when you didn't mean to make me laugh. Thanks for watching the kitchen while I was gone, and for moving all the drink coolers during that week I was a slave-driver (or was that every week?). Thank you for eating all the leftovers I piled on your plate, and with a smile, too!

Sarah, all I can say is: “I wanna be with you!” Seriously, though, I'm glad you and Lark were there for me on my first day back. I'm glad I came back in time to tell you that you didn't have to scrub all the pans; I still can't believe you guys did that! I value our friendship, and I will never forget you coming to my family's home with “Badger flowers.” Thank you.

Abe, though you are on your mission and may not read this, I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a foreign-exchange student. I don't know if this is the correct spelling, but: I love you, Chon-hee! (I'm half-asian, too, don't you know... :) )

JP, although I was really terrified of getting water poured on me, I had a lot of fun trying to stay away from you after I had poured water on you. Seriously, though, I felt like I was in a war zone. I'm glad you took it well when I did soak you. And, to Jodi (I think it was), I am sorry that I accidentally got a ton of water on you that one day at the lodge. You poor, innocent bystander.

Max, you are the kindest mafia-man I've ever met. Thank you for making kitchen duty so fun, especially when I really didn't care to be there and was being a real sulky-sue about it. I am also thankful to your mom for labeling all of your belongings; it made kitchen clean-up easier. And, after Badger Creek, it sure was comforting to see a familiar face at a BYU-I ward. :)

Jason, thank you for being “Greg Wiggle” for my siblings, for keeping the kitchen in order while I wasn't there, and for generally being an all-around good guy. I have to say, I was unsure how my “Motab in the Mornings” would be received. I'm glad you liked it! You and MacKenzie were wonderful to have that first week in; although, I wish I hadn't eaten so many pies! Thank you.

Abby, I lament that I never did get to work in the kitchen with you while using British accents. I think that would have been great fun. I really would like to get to know you better, especially since I now realize we share the same excitement at having clean teeth. :) I hope they have good toothpaste in Norway.


Dearest Jodi,

You do not yet have an email account. I hope you get one soon, because I love you. This is a very sad attempt at saying something to you “Jodi-style.” Please forgive me.

With love and affection,



I know I did not get to everybody. For one thing, a lot of what happened during that summer gets all jumbled in my mind, and I can't seem to remember who said what or who was there, et cetera. All of you have made a difference to me; words seem pretty inadequate whenever I try to think of something to express my gratitude. Plus, it is very late. I'm not sure why I'm still awake at this moment. I also realize that this post is getting very long.

All in all, Badger Staff of 2008 was the best staff Badger Creek had ever seen!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Okay, so I don't know how many people know this about me...

I really detest making that instant pudding. From the first time Jeff brought the unnaturally bright-green pistachio powder, I knew it would be my worst enemy.

I mean, nothing edible should be that shade of green.

The summer had been going well, our times at Badger coming to an end, when, from the depths of the giant maroon van, Jeff emerged with two packages of pudding. I narrowed my eyes, trying to communicate the distress these packets of dust were causing me.

"No," I said firmly.

"What?" Jeff whined. "These aren't even that hard to--"

"No! I can do many things, Jeffrey Downs, but I am not going to make pudding again!"

"Just one more time?" he wheedled.

"Fine." Taking the packets, I stormed into the kitchen, laying them beside the mixer. "I won't forget this, Jeff!"

He shrugged, muttering something about how it's not his fault, but I wouldn't hear it.

When the time came to make the pudding, I decided to do something that I knew deep down wouldn't really work.

Why don't I make both packets at the same time? I thought.

Well, as Max will attest, this did not work out. What I thought would be a way around having to make two packs of pudding turned into the pudding massacre, perhaps to even rival the potato massacre that I missed.

Needless to say, the next time Jeff came with pudding, he was forced to make it himself.

On a side note, I am rather fond of Jeff and don't think poorly of him at all! (just wanted to make that clear)

Also, if someone has evidence of either the potato or pudding massacre, I would love to see photos or video footage.