Sunday, July 25, 2010

So much love...

So it's been 2 years since the magic went down and I still love you guys and remember it like it was yesterday. I moved to Highland, UT with my family time! haha just want you all to know that I'm thinkin about ya!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Badger Creek DVD

How can I get a copy of this priceless gem?

And also...

Who is going to be in Rexburg this coming fall? We should do fun things like knitting mittens or something. I actually don't know how to knit.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Letter From Elder Perkins!

I also have gotten a few emails from Jeremy. Here is one for everyone to read and enjoy:

Things over here in Chicago are awesome!!! I've been in the suburbs for about 3 months now but I served the first year of my mission in downtown chicago, i rode my bike around the sears tower, through little Italy and Chinatown. Little Mexico is sweet too, I got to ride public transportation inbetween and underneath the skyscrapers all winter long and go street contacting in Grant park over by Navy Pier. I've seen a lot of ghetto and had some interesting experiences, haha :). But had some great success too. There is no doubt that this is the Lord's work. Funny story though, they made me a zone leader a while back and part of that responsibility is to teach at zone conferences. So Last week at our conference, I drew a picture of the power pole on a chalkboard and told some of the experiences that we had and I related it to missionary work and how faith applies in the aspects of our lives. It went really well, I keep using all the old badger creek stuff that I learned as object lessons and analogies when I teach. Its been very effective. Badger Creek was an amazing place, I loved it! Did max ever finish that DVD of all the badger pictures? Would it be possible for me to get a copy of that?
Take Care ashley, Great to hear from you,
Elder Jeremy Perkins

Letter From Elder Kim!

I've been staying in touch with Abe through email for a little while now. Here is the last email he sent me. Sounds like he's doing really well:

What's also exciting is that we had a baptism. Let me tell you about it after a quick update.
All righty then. Well, the weather here in Toronto has been weird latley also. In the past week or more we have had a lot of rain. A lot more than last year. It'll be wierd, one moment it's sunny and nice the next it'll be pouring rain. For example. Yesterday there was only a 40% chance for rain then it rains all night. I'm not saying that rain is bad, but it does make missionary work a bit harder. Not to mention it makes it more humid when it starts to evaporate. I hate humidity. Well, this week has been a little eventful. Towards the beginning of the week it was normal missionary work, tracting, talking to people and such, then towards the end of the week is where it starts to get interesting. One of our members was moving and they asked for our help, to make a long story short we helped for a long time. Then the next day we had to do a softball practice with our branch because we had a stake softball tournament thing on saturday the next day, and that took a whole evening. Then on saturday we had the tournament in the morning which lasted all morning, and the sad part was it got rained out. We got one game and a half in before the stake leaders in charged cancelled it due to rain. But, it was all fun.Then on Sunday, we had a baptism!Lim, Duk Nam. He's super sweet. He's a older guy who really was looking for the truth. The baptismal service went great and the members and he all talked and fellowshipped eachother very well afterwards, which I'm super happy about. So funny thing at the baptism. We filled up the font to the water level we needed, but the plug wasn't functioning properly so water was leaking out. By the time I got in the water with Bro. Lim the water was only up to my thighs, not even groin level. So that means a low dip for him. I'm glad to say that it all worked out fine in the end. Even though it was a low dip we only had to do it once. So that was our week. Pretty good. Now we have to go out and find new investigators. Yay.Oh I guess some other updates. G20 is here in Toronto right now and what's going on here is a lot of bus and subway routes and a whole block downtown have been locked down for security measures and so traffic is horrible at times. Since we can't listen or watch the news as missionaries we here that there are a lot of protests going on there and a lot of people arrested. We are avoiding having to go down that direction because we dont want to wast all that time in the car. Another thing, I heard that korea and US is out of the world cup. Oh well. Well that's all for me. Hope you have a great week. Hope you enjoyed. Write back!
Loves, Elder Kim
ps. hope you had fun at badger creek. I miss that place and all you guys. I got our badger dvd slideshow a few weeks ago and i got to watch it. Needless to say, it was awesome!!

Not only did I get this, he also sent me pictures! Yay! Still the same facial expressions...