Thursday, July 1, 2010

Letter From Elder Perkins!

I also have gotten a few emails from Jeremy. Here is one for everyone to read and enjoy:

Things over here in Chicago are awesome!!! I've been in the suburbs for about 3 months now but I served the first year of my mission in downtown chicago, i rode my bike around the sears tower, through little Italy and Chinatown. Little Mexico is sweet too, I got to ride public transportation inbetween and underneath the skyscrapers all winter long and go street contacting in Grant park over by Navy Pier. I've seen a lot of ghetto and had some interesting experiences, haha :). But had some great success too. There is no doubt that this is the Lord's work. Funny story though, they made me a zone leader a while back and part of that responsibility is to teach at zone conferences. So Last week at our conference, I drew a picture of the power pole on a chalkboard and told some of the experiences that we had and I related it to missionary work and how faith applies in the aspects of our lives. It went really well, I keep using all the old badger creek stuff that I learned as object lessons and analogies when I teach. Its been very effective. Badger Creek was an amazing place, I loved it! Did max ever finish that DVD of all the badger pictures? Would it be possible for me to get a copy of that?
Take Care ashley, Great to hear from you,
Elder Jeremy Perkins

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