Saturday, May 1, 2010


Okay, so I don't know how many people know this about me...

I really detest making that instant pudding. From the first time Jeff brought the unnaturally bright-green pistachio powder, I knew it would be my worst enemy.

I mean, nothing edible should be that shade of green.

The summer had been going well, our times at Badger coming to an end, when, from the depths of the giant maroon van, Jeff emerged with two packages of pudding. I narrowed my eyes, trying to communicate the distress these packets of dust were causing me.

"No," I said firmly.

"What?" Jeff whined. "These aren't even that hard to--"

"No! I can do many things, Jeffrey Downs, but I am not going to make pudding again!"

"Just one more time?" he wheedled.

"Fine." Taking the packets, I stormed into the kitchen, laying them beside the mixer. "I won't forget this, Jeff!"

He shrugged, muttering something about how it's not his fault, but I wouldn't hear it.

When the time came to make the pudding, I decided to do something that I knew deep down wouldn't really work.

Why don't I make both packets at the same time? I thought.

Well, as Max will attest, this did not work out. What I thought would be a way around having to make two packs of pudding turned into the pudding massacre, perhaps to even rival the potato massacre that I missed.

Needless to say, the next time Jeff came with pudding, he was forced to make it himself.

On a side note, I am rather fond of Jeff and don't think poorly of him at all! (just wanted to make that clear)

Also, if someone has evidence of either the potato or pudding massacre, I would love to see photos or video footage.


  1. I know either Jason Lewis or Abe Kim has the video!! I think one of them has it on their facebook profile page! Good times! :)

  2. Thanks, Emily. It took me a while to find (I'm a little bit facebook incompetent!), but it was worth it.

    What was with the state of that kitchen? I'm afraid I still don't entirely understand how instant potatoes caused such carnage. :)