Saturday, October 29, 2016

In response to you, 617, I thought I would share a picture or two.

I used a disposable camera that summer, continuing the habit I had formed as a missionary in Brazil just a few months earlier (my digital cameras always got stolen). It's funny how the poor quality of the pictures make it seem like 2008 was generations ago, rather than 8 years ago.

 The first work crew, and the prizes we made.

At Badger Creek, everyone is the center of attention.

 The Teton Range in the spring. Amazingly green.

The week Pam and I won the HOUSE CUP. I mean, our kids won it... 

The hooligans Emily and I took care of for a week. 

I left the camera out in the LC one day, and someone (Abe, I think?) thought it was a camper's camera that had been left behind by mistake. So he (Abe) started taking pictures with it, thinking they would never be developed. First was Emily, turning around unsuspectingly. 

Then he took a picture of me. Acting totally normal. 

 Then a picture of JP (I think?) sweeping the floor of the LC. Then I realized that Abe was messing with my disposable camera, and I took it back.

Our hike to the wind caves. I am in no way retaliating against Abe for the earlier picture fiasco. 

 Looking down on everyone from the wind caves. Jason Lewis is much too close to the edge.

Sunset over the leech pond. I mean fish pond. 

The ol' climbing tower, with your's truly on the top. 

Zip lines can make anyone look cool.

Upon reflection, I don't know that I would trust a cook that has this written on their apron. 

"The Griz" at the bear cave.

Brother B leads a song in his house. 617 tries to photobomb in the corner, while Jason Lewis seems to be enjoying the song a little too much.

And those are all the pictures I have of that summer. I was really that lame. But it's enough to get the old memories flowing, so I thought I'd share them with y'all - only 8 years late!

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