Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jason Lewis smells...REAL GOOD!

Jodi showed me this commercial the other night and it reminded me of Jason Lewis. I remember Emily and I thought he smelled so good after he showered. We would both just sit in the lodge and smell his arms - almost EVERY time he showered. He would never tell us what his body wash was called, but we figured out that it was some kind of old spice. Jason, I just don't know how you were able to escape the ladies when you came back to school and were showering every smell good, real good. Enjoy the commercial!


  1. HAHA!! Nice, I remember the first time we smelled him. We were at the jungle gym and we were practicing our drills for if someone got stuck and we have to belay them down. Then all of a sudden I got this drift of something and it smell so GOOD! Then Sarah and I figured out that it was Jason who smelled really good and we wouldn't stop smelling him. Oh, man I think having that smell saved my nose or else I don't know I would have ever would have been able to recognize a good smell, since we used the badger perfum so much! ;) Great commercial, it was pretty funny. My favorite part was at the end when he was like, I'm on a horse! Haha! Good times!
    Oh, after I read this blog that same day I went up to go study in the library on the second floor (ps the library here isn't as good as Idahos) and I smelled that smells like Jason's. I wanted to go up to the guy and ask him if I could smell his arms, but I thought better of that and didn't!!

  2. Will and I love that commercial. It's the only reason I watch TV. My man is still better.