Friday, August 27, 2010

My Time!

Dear Badger Staffers,
Oh, how much I miss you all!! I really do!! I think about you guys a lot, and I think about how much fun you guys still have with whoever is still left in the rexburg area! Or at least the western part of the US! Sometimes I wish I could go back to Rexburg and be with you all again.  I even tried to be the chef for Badger during the summer but it didn't work out and now that I look back over the summer I see why I was suppposed to stay here in Hawaii.  I have made a bunch of friends here and I have had great experiences that have been shaping me to be the person I am supposed to become.  Sorry if this letter doesn't flow really well i'm just going with whats coming through my fingers at this point.
I have been reading the blogs here and now, whenever I remember or get lonely, I read the blogs and it brings back a lot of good happy feelings that make me smile, and cry! But crying in a good way! :) I really do love you guys and there is always a place in my heart for each one of you.  Each one of you had a big influence on me during that summer.  Even now I realize how much you all were really the best of the best.  We are all the cream of the crop. Because the people I met in my life and get to know I realize don't have the same standards or views about the gospel and/or love of the gospel like all the Badger staffers have.  You guys have no idea!!
But there was a few reasons for me writting this: one to actually finally post something, and to let you guys know what has been going on with me and to keep in touch, and most importantly to remind each of you how amazing you are and how much I believe that every single Badger Staff member, the Lord has a great plan for each one of us.  Because Badger has so many lessons for people to learn and grow from.  And I know that all the people who work at Badger have a great mission in life that only they can do!! Its true!
Also, a little brief update.  I have been in Hawaii for a year now and I'm planning on staying till I gradute.  I know that is what i'm supposed to be doing.  Also I may come home only for a week though, but we should plan another reunion for when  I graduate in April, and Jeremy and Abe should be back from there missions. the only person mission should be Abby! But I woud love to have another reunion maybe next may or June??? Anyways, I love you all and hope your not bored with this letter. I will try and think of Badger memories because I have a lot.  I love you and thank you all for make good choices in your life to be the person you are!!


  1. You are awesome. I learned from you too. I really hope things are going well. I continue to pray for everyone at one point or another. Thank you for your thoughts. You are awesome.

  2. Oh, Emily! I loved reading this post...thank you for taking the time to write it!

    I still can't believe how long it has been since Badger 2008. I feel so old--almost as old as Jason Parker. (Actually, I had a talk with Mackenzie about how I should not have teased you about your age, especially since I, myself, am now approaching the "too old to count" age that I teased you about while working at Badger. Sigh.)


    I thought I might be overly-emotional, perusing through other people's blogs and getting teary-eyed. I miss you all!

    By the way, Emily, why is it that you have no posts on your blog? I would like to see about your goings-on in Hawaii!