Saturday, August 28, 2010

So I never thought I'd say this, but I am no longer an Olive Garden Employee. Yes it's true. After serving an honorable year at the restaurant, as of 9:00pm on this day, August the 28th, I am a free woman. I know! I made sure to eat one more breadstick and discounted tiramisu before I clocked out. I start work at my new job on Monday as a recruiter for ITQuest in downtown Provo: my first real job (thanks to Rachel and her family :-). To be completely honest, I shed a silent tear as I tied my tie one last time.

Some of the other things I will miss are:
My 25% Discount
Henrique (sexy man)
The workers in the back playing Mexican music and singing along late at night
Stupid people (ok, so I won't really miss them)
Learning a new skill and doing it well
Breaking plates and spilling on people
Getting phone numbers
Instant gratification (cash in my pocket every night)
My freakin' awesome grandma non-slip shoes
and of course, all the things I learned and the friends I made along the way :-)

Sometime, in the near future, I plan on having an Olive Garden Clothes Burning Party. Perhaps next week, after I'm done with work, I will pay a visit to a unsuspecting fire pit. I will raise my glass, say a few words, and send those clothes right where they belong.........heaven (of course).

Dear Olive Garden,
I love you.
You will always be in my heart and on my hips forever.
Your faithful friend,

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  1. Oh, my! This put a smile on my face...may I come to the bonfire? I know it might sound strange--but it can be fun to burn things! :)

    By the way--I don't think that's Henrique in your picture. It looks like some sort of teenage girl's unrealistic disturbing fantasy of a whiny man who has dog breath.

    But--I could be wrong. ;)