Thursday, May 12, 2011

O'Brien Update

I just realized, I don't think I have ever posted something! I think it's about time.
I thought I would fill everyone in on recent events that have occured in our live:

1) Jordan is LOVING his job at Unicity as their graphic designer. In fact the company love him so much that they are doing everything to keep him including sending the two of us to Cancun on vacation! Wahoo! It looks like we will be in Utah for a little while.

2) The last few months have been the most stressful time in my life. I have been able to finish all my school requirements and graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene. I successfully took and passed the National Written Exam. I passed my anesthesia exam and am now licensed to give local anesthesia. And I finally finished last Friday with my Clinical exam, but I won't find out if I passed for another month. (but I feel good about it).

3) I recieved my very first IV in the hospital because I have been very sick through this whole ordeal.

4) Oh yeah...and did I mention, Baby O'Brien will be joining our family in November!

1 comment:

  1. Baby O'Brien?!? I love babies! :)

    Thank you for the update--keep us informed, please, as I know I'd like to know if this is going to be a girl or boy, in the least.

    Congratulations! :)