Monday, June 14, 2010

Love Is In The Air...Dang It.

Ok, don't be fooled by the title of this message, I am all for love except when it is between participants. So, I was talking to a counselor I worked with in 09, by the way 09 was fine and all but 08 was great ;), any way we got on the subject of sleeping habits. He talked about how he never would wake up in the night at Badger, and how is kids probably ran a muck during his pleasant slumbers. This statement reminded me of the first week of OYA when I was on group with JP.
We had two lovely kids in are group named Jessica and Clayton, yes this memory is so vivid I can remember the names of my kids. They had been flirting with each other all week, and it was known they liked each other, but nothing that me and JP couldn't handle until Wednesday night. It was probably 1 in the morning and I had to go to the bathroom, so grudgingly I got out of bed. I was at Gully camp and for some reason still had not been able to locate the secret outhouse up there, and was required to trek up to Mountain Man. As I was just a few steps from camp I noticed a strange object on the ground, it was large and resembled two people. You guessed it there lying on a blanket was Jessica and Clayton. I was shocked. I quickly asked, "What are you two doing?", I admit I might have slipped into my "Willie Got Hit By A Bus" voice because I was startled by this discovery. Clayton responded, "just looking at the stars." Well, I calmed myself enough to quickly tell them that wasn't appropriate.
They then asked me what I was still doing up. I stated that I needed to use the restroom. JP was awakened at this point, and I left it to him to make sure they returned to their respective teepees. I continued to head to the bathroom, and tried to comprehend what had just happen. The best part of the story that once I got to Mountain Man outhouse I was so worked up I didn't even have to use it anymore.

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  1. Oh, this gave me a good laugh. One reason I REALLY wanted the head chef position was to avoid this very scenario--I would not have handled it so kindly as you or JP, I'm sure. :)