Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE Most epic Soccer game ever played in the History of man (Except for the mud one)

So I just wanted to let the badgers know that During Quest, Sarah and I took the Questies in to Jackson and we played a game of soccer...It was not near as legendary (that's for you Abby) as our game. But I will say that given what was taught to us through our time at Badger we used out processing skills to make it a surprisingly more fun game than it started off. Sarah and I played hard and the kids started to catch on all because of the lessons of having fun that we learned at Badger.

An addition to that experience at the end of our staff training. Sometimes I tend to go through phases in life where I feel alone. Before I came to the ranch I was going through a similar experience. The whole week we trained, these feeling were disappearing. I had many of these moments but I specifically remember feeling the excitement during that game of being around people who cared about me. They were having so much fun with me, ME! And they are all such amazing people. Not one was lesser then another. I truly felt and still do feel a part of something great. I can't explain the feeling that took my heart over as we had so much fun. True pure fun. I can only trust that this was a feeling felt by all then or many times over throughout the summer.

Thank you so much.

P.S. As I recall, All of those who actually played soccer were on the same team! But I was really glad about how well I held out. And on the way to Playmill, I remember riding in the vans and I looked through Tiffani's music selection. She was one of few people I knew who had Five Iron Frenzy music. She also introduced some of us to Stephen Speeks which many of the Girls in the car attested to would woo any mortal woman.

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  1. I remember the part about Tiffani's music. Stephen Speeks--I have to say, I couldn't help but kind of laugh.

    I know lots of girls like him, but I hadn't heard of him until that moment, and I sort of forgot about him until I read this comment.