Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Many Husbands

I've been reading everyone's stories and I was starting to reminisce. (I want you to all know that I spelled that right on the first try, very proud of myself) Willie inspired this post with her last post. I don't know why but it seemed like the participants were obsessed with dating and marriage. Must come with the age; although I'm pretty sure that isn't what I was always thinking about when I was 15. Maybe that's why I'm not married yet...hmmm, something to think about.
I'm pretty sure I had a participant ask me if I was dating or married to one of my fellow counselors every single week. Willie reminded me of the time when one of her participants asked her if I was dating Max. When she asked them why they came to that conclusion they said "well she was sitting by him at lunch..." Oh dear.
But the best one by far is when I was on group with JP. When we were setting up our handcarts one of our participants came to me and asked me why I wasn't sharing a handcart with JP. After a question like that I was obviously worried about this boy's thought process so I asked him why we would do that. He answered with, "well aren't you guys married?" I quickly told him no and without even pausing he then said, "then you're dating right?". Once again I told him no but I don't think he believed me. Because it must have been so obvious to everyone in the camp that we were dating. We talked to each other, we could laugh together, and I'm pretty sure we sat by each other during a lot of the meals. So according to their definition if we weren't married then we were obviously seriously dating. I guess we can't blame the participants for thinking that we were all married; it only makes sense, right?

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  1. Wait. Are you telling me that you didn't date any of the Badger boys in 2008? You and JP DIDN'T go ring shopping!?! Well, shoot. I probably shouldn't have told all the kids that you two were in love. Oops. My bad...