Monday, February 1, 2010

The Beginning

I remember when we all stopped at Wall-Mart to buy supplies and I was so excited. I was so happy to be finally a part of something that made me feel important. We didn't know each other for the most part. We had just gone to the temple and I secretly was worried that my hair would look crazy when wet because I hadn't had the chance to cut it. True to form, I was scrambling around before the time we were supposed to meet getting everything done. And I didn't even know what the ranch looked like!


  1. Jason! I am currently in the Scroll office going through articles and correcting a gazillion little mistakes. "Wall Mart" is one of those mistakes that makes me cringe. It's Wal-Mart.
    But no worries, because it's you, I will forgive :)

  2. Ha haha! Oh man. Abby, you are awesome.
    Ps. I actually had it written different, but the spelling auto correct changed it...but it was still wrong:) And you spelled my name wrong. It's JP.
    PPS. Would it be "differently" or "different."

  3. I'm so glad you all started this blog. To be honest, I love hearing/reading about things from everyone else because my experience at Badger was mostly from the kitchen perspective! I'm especially excited to hear from Abby, because we (unfortunately) were never put together. :( I would have really enjoyed cooking with a British accent.

  4. JP,
    1. It's differently.
    2. The truth is, when I first read this post I thought it was Sarah's because she created the blog, so I directed my comment to her. It wasn't until right before I clicked "Post Comment" that I realized you had written it. That made me laugh because you were talking about being worried about how your hair looked. Too. Funny.

  5. I agree with Rachel. I too am excited that this blog has been started, thanks to Sarah (and whomever else has helped). Being here in Hawaii, and not being on a mission, I feel disconnected. But I am excited for this blog.:) Sorry if I have incorrectly written anything, punctuation and english were never my strong point! I love you all!
    -Emily/Laughing Lilly