Monday, February 1, 2010

what is this?

Well, as stated in the description of the blog, some of us were just talking about Badger Memories and we all realized everyone had their own experience at Badger, and we all created our own memories...imagine that.

So, we want to hear from everyone. Badger Creek is a funny thing - it brings 20+ people together in such a unique way, and we become instant friends in a short 12 weeks. We then are separated from those we love and friendships deepen or fall by the wayside, but we are all still connected by the time we spent at Badger. I would venture to say not a day goes by that one of us does not think about our experience there. The goal of this blog is to help us stay connected as a staff - especially as life takes us different ways. I hope you all will enjoy reading others memories and sharing some of your own. The posts may range from "laugh your head off" to "wipe a tear"...we want them all :)I love you all and hope you know that.

p.s. The blog is still under construction for now - so don't think it is ugly - it will get better - promise. Also, I was trying to invite everybody to be an author, but I only had school emails for lots of people and some of them are now graduated...if someone that has everyone's would let me know that would be awesome. Also, one of the features I have put on the blog is a blog list, where it shows if other blogs have been updated. If you have a personal blog let me know and I will add you to that list - then this one can be somewhat of a hub and we can get on and see how others are doing - RULE: if you look at someone's personal blog you MUST leave a comment - no blog stalking - j/k, but seriously (thanks Abe for that saying)
You are all awesome, and I love you :)

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