Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Out all the moths I ever encountered during my summer at Badger Creek, there is one moth in particular that I will never forget, nor do I hope to ever meet again. It was on a dark and storm-less night...
My kids were tucked tightly away in their tents as I walked alone in the dark towards the light of the lofty lodge. I had left my backpack by the piano earlier that evening, and was now on my way to retrieve it.
Every camp I passed was silent and still. Every camp that is, except the last...
A girl at Camp Tipi, who had a history of anxiety attacks had started hyperventilating, and was now being escorted to the lodge for assistance. They reached the back door before I did, and headed inside. Not wanting to intrude, I waited outside with Abe and JP; talking casually about the day, and watching moths flutter fervently around the overhead light.
Suddenly, something substantially bigger than the swarm flew into the patio and under the light; casting a massive shadow onto the ground before me. My eyes darted around the ceiling, searching for the creature, but to no avail; it had vanished quicker than it's appearance.
"Did you see that?", I asked my friends.
"Yeah- what was that thing?" answered Abe.
"A bat, maybe?" replied JP.

Then without warning, out of the darkness something cuffed me the side of the head; knocking me off balance. I shouted in surprise, and as I recovered my balance and rose back to full height I came face to face with my aggressor...

It wasn't a bat. It wasn't even a bird...
It was a moth; specifically, the single-most gargantuan moth I have ever had the fortune of beholding in the flesh and living to tell about. It was so large, it was unnatural. It probably ate bats for breakfast. It was a massif among moths, most likely their original progenitor from ages past; the First Moth. No doubt just got out of millennial-hibernation, and decided to go out grab a bite to eat.
I've never seen it's equal; nor do I ever intend to, if I have my way.


  1. Oh man, too funny! Jodi, Sarah and I all read this post out-loud and were laughing the entire way through. This story sounds like that of pure folklore, we're glad you lived to tell the tale.

  2. The whole time as I was reading this I was trying to figure out who had written this. I was thinking that maybe it could be Ashley,then I thought that maybe it was Pam. But no it was Max! Wow, that story was intense... you really had me going, I was really into. This would be a great children's story, maybe add a little bit more drama, and you would have a great story!! :)