Monday, February 1, 2010


Every Monday morning I would wake up freakishly early (5:00ish) to shower and get a jump-start on the week with some time to just hear myself think. NO ONE was up at this time and I'd make my way down to the Girls' Bathroom in the dark. Every week when I flipped the light switch on in the bathroom I'd get the heebie-jeebies real bad: it was like Moth-topia in there. So. Gross. Occasionally I'd think about Harry Potter during these times. In book one Harry lived in the cabinet under the stairs and it said he didn't mind spiders because he was so used to them. I used to think that was 1. disgusting and 2. impossible. But, over time I did kinda get used to the little buggers and I trained myself to not think about it too much.

Badger Moth, photo attribution goes to Abe. Thanks!


  1. I cannot believe you showered with moths...that is disgusting. This is a perfect memory to share because you really are the only one who would know about it - 5:00a.m. on a Monday? You've gotta be kidding me.
    I remember reading in the Lodge at night with my headlight, and the ginormous-moths would fly in my face and scare me so bad I would almost fall off my bunk...stinkin moths

  2. Oh I remember those stinkin moths, they were everywhere! I am so glad they didn't get worse because then you would have fallen off your bed and you would of had to just lay there in pain while I would lay there just sleeping...Just Kidding! I would never do anything like that, I actually would have died laughing so hard...haha!! Love ya Sarah!

  3. Oh, WOw, I don't remember that, but that moth is pretty RAD!!!