Saturday, February 13, 2010

Iceberg Runoff

Sometimes life on the trek would go by fast. One brisk Friday morning I took a group of about six girls to use the “facili-trees” because heaven knows that girls cannot go to the bathroom by themselves. When you are using one bathroom bag between this many girls it takes quite a while to get through everyone; my point being that it took forever and we all arrived at breakfast late. We joined the end of the breakfast line and went about getting our food and such. You know; business as usual. It wasn’t until I went to brush my teeth that things got interesting. I must tell you two critical bits of information before I process with this story.

1. Every week Kitchen Crew would have fun labeling the juices and water insides the cambros. We had all sorts of names: Bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge (water), Strawberry Fields (strawberry juice, duh), and probably something like Kazaam at one point or another. This week in particular our lovely K-Crew decided to label one of the water cambros, “Iceberg Runoff.” Gross. The name made me think about that nasty brown slush that snow inevitably turns into on a beaten path. That being said, I avoided that water cambro the entire week.

2. I take good care of my teeth. On average, it takes me a good five minutes for me to finish brushing (mind you, this does include flossing and mouthwash). At Badger I looked forward to brushing my teeth. It may have been days since I had showered, but at least my precious teeth could be clean. I looked forward to that squeaky-clean, just-brushed-my-teeth feeling like you wouldn’t believe.

Okay, these points being said, I will finish this sad tale. After breakfast I walked over to the cambros to get water on my toothbrush to brush my teeth. I looked for the water cambro I’d been using all week, but it was not within my sight. Then my eyes rested on the “Iceberg Runoff” cambro. “Come on Abby,” I told myself, “you know it’s just water in there.” So I lifted the tab on top to pour water onto my toothbrush.

My original image of “Iceberg Runoff” wasn’t too far off. A brown liquid is what came out of the cambro. BROWN!!! I froze in place. What…just…happen…?...!....?

I had poured Hot Chocolate onto my toothbrush. Disgusting? YES! Apparently before breakfast that morning, K-Crew announced that they had switched out the cambros' contents, and “Iceberg Runoff” was now Hot Chocolate. The problem was that I was late to breakfast and 100% missed this valuable piece of information.

So, after a period of bewilderment and a few distraught yells, I rinsed off my toothbrush in real water and brushed my teeth. (I don’t think the rinse did much. It was like brushing my teeth in sugar. Yuck!) Oh, and I most certainly gave a Mr. Jason Lewis and Christian Lenhart a brief reprimand for making the priceless K-Crew announcement only once and at the beginning of breakfast. Christian just told me that’s why I should come to meals on time. Hummm!

One more thing. Jason : why on earth did you not just rip the “Iceburg Runoff” off the cambro altogether?!? I’m obviously traumatized by this horrific incident!


  1. Abby, I think a more accurate length of time for your teeth is ten - not five - minutes. Even though I know this story, I still laughed out-loud in the library when I read it. This was the week I was GL. I remember that announcement, and I was standing just a couple feet away when you went to brush your teeth...if I was a good friend I would have stopped you - Sorry.
    And another thing about Abby's tooth-brushing quirks- she licks the top of the squirt spout so there is no toothpaste residue that gets crusty...don't ever borrow her toothpaste.

  2. I second that witnessed to Sarah's. I too was near by when all this happened and I must say it made my day! Also, I know how much Abby enjoys brushing her teeth, because one week Sarah and I went into town and Abby asked us to get a paticular brand of toothpaste. So when we came back we were in the kitchen and Abby was going through the sacks to find the toothpaste and when she found it, she had complete and utter disgust look on her face when she held the toothpaste. Then she quickly tried to hide it and then realized that it actually was the right toothpaste, then everything was okay. But when I saw the look on Abby's face it looked as if the world had ended. ;) Abby explained to us that she would have been okay with a different toothpaste she would just share it with all of her kids so it would run out faster. Haha!! :) I LOVE you Abby. :)

  3. You’re right Sarah, five minutes is an understatement for how long it takes me to brush my teeth.
    And Emily I'd forgotten about that toothpaste you bought me! It was red so I thought you bought cinnamon flavor (and I absolutely detest cinnamon flavored candy and toothpaste!). Nice save.
    On a separate occasion you bought me a new toothbrush in town because I really needed a new one. This is the first time I’ve ever said this, but that toothbrush was HORRIBLE! I have sensitive gums and I need soft bristles, but you bought me medium bristles. Oh man, talk about sucking it up. I thought it was SO nice of you to get that for me so I didn’t say anything, until now… ;)

  4. That was CLASSIC :D
    I don't remember- were you using the special citrus toothpaste?

  5. Haha, Abby thank you so much first of all for giving your recount of this dramatic experience. I definitely needed it right at this moment, you have no idea. I don't get down often, but I just had an experience that shook me, and this was exactly what I needed. The Lord looks over His children in the simplest of ways...
    Now that I've buttered you up, I'm hoping that one day you will accept my sincere apology for that. Haha, I think I'll bring that back up in the years to come either way!

  6. Oh, my word--this really made me laugh!

    I have a few things to say...first, that, wow, I haven't read this blog in too long.

    Second: I'm glad to know that the kitchen stayed under control while I was gone...except, for the mashed potato incident, I think?

    Third: I am so glad I'm not the only person in the world who takes 10 minutes to brush their teeth! I had no idea you took that long, Abby. I'm always getting teased about it! I do regret that I never worked with you in the kitchen, Abby. Now that I know about your teeth brushing habits, I know we're kindred spirits. :)