Friday, February 5, 2010

Sarah getting stuck in the Outhouse

During the week Sarah Bedke was GL, I think this was her week. I was sitting at the pavillion by the pond and someone came running up telling us that Sarah Bedke is stuck in the outhouse because she ran out of toilet paper. So we got a hold of WC and they couldn't bring up the toilet paper for a little bit. So there was about four of us there (I think it was, Abby, Megan, Sara Willie and someone else) we started giving her little bits of grass and leaves and sticks. If anyone else who was there remembers please add to the story, that was all I could remember.


  1. Yeah, hmmmmmm. That was sooooooooooo funny. first, people calling over the radio that someone was stranded on the toilet, then having tiny leaves and blades of grass and seedy-weeds thrown in the outhouse at me while you all just laughed and laughed. All the while I was still stranded...I don't know what my luck is, but I have been stranded at least three times this semester (and i live with three other Badgers). I guess it made for a great memory for most everybody involved...thanks WC for coming to my rescue.

  2. ba-hahaha, That is an awesome story. I had no idea some of these rediculously funny things happened. I am glad to say that I was there this weekend when you were stuck yet again without T.P. on the toilet. For the record, this was also just following a badger visit. Oh, the irony.

  3. Bahaha!! Oh yes, whenever Sarah is around your bound to have ridiculously funny things happen a lot!!! :) And it is no coincidence that you were there Pam to witness such a coincidence!! haha!! No worries, there are a ton more stories that involve ridiculousy funny things. Such as the instant with the mashed potatoes.!! HAHA! We will post that one soon, and maybe the video!! ;)